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Noël Perry: superior information combined with an entertaining, dynamic speaking style.

Speaking Engagements

Noël Perry combines superior content with an entertaining and dynamic speaking style that has delighted as it informs audiences across the industry. He is best known for translating the often complex working of transportation into language easily understood by the full range of listeners, from truckers to loading dock workers to senior executives.

Even after more than 40 years of work, he retains a child-like fascination in all things transportation. His audiences can tell. The best part: his presentations are data-intense, light on lecture, heavy on graphs that lead the observer to solid conclusions. His listeners also have post-event access to all the visual material presented that they can use for further study and to share with colleagues.

Noël Perry:

In Demand. Interesting.

Entertaining. Animated.

Looks Different. Acts Different.

Thinks . . . Differently.

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  • Contrary and provocative, Noël is not afraid to take stances around the data he analyzes and the consequences they present. Be prepared to be pushed and challenged to wrestle with these conclusions and be prepared to adapt early to the changing landscape Noël forecasts.

    Scott Arves Retired CEO, Transport America, and industry consultant
  • Noel Perry is one of the most talented and insightful transportation economists that I’ve had the privilege to work with during my time as a Market Manager at CSX Transportation. He is very insightful and will provide your organization with reliable guidance to address transportation concerns your company may be facing.

    Brent Pickering Global Account Director, Tate & Lyle, NA.
  • Thank you for sharing your industry insights during the recent Westgate Shipping webinar. I always come away with so much information and issues for consideration.

    Judith Binder RBSC Corporation, Principle Analyst

Recent & Upcoming Lectures & Events


  • February 27 \ Nucor Meeting • Charlotte, NC
  • March 13 \ Cowan: Investor Meetings • New York, NY
  • April 10-13 \ TIA • Orlando, FL
  • May 3 \ Keynote Address: Chainalytics FMI Consortium • Atlanta, GA
  • May 8 \ FreightWaves: Transparency19 • Atlanta, GA
  • May 16-17 \ Truckstop.com: Connected 2019 • Phoenix, AZ
  • June 4 \ Westgate Global Logistics • Webinar
  • June 12 \ TIA • Automation Webinar
  • July 26 \ PepsiCo • Chicago, IL
  • August 13-14 \ National Business Economists Issue Council • Boise, ID
  • November 13 \ TIA: 3PL Technovations • Amelia Island, FL

2018 Speaking Engagements
  • January 20 \ Cowan: Investor Meetings • New York, NY
  • February 6 \ NBEIC: Quarterly Meeting • Fort Myers, FL
  • April 5 \ GlobalTranz: Agent Meeting • Scottsdale, AZ
  • April 9 \ Truckstop.com: TIA • Palm Desert, CA
  • April 11 \ TIA • Palm Desert, CA
  • April 23 \ UGA: Productivity Summit • Athens, GA
  • May 2 \ Amazon: Evaluation Visit • Seattle, WA
  • May 21 \ Truckstop.com: Connect 2018 • Frisco, TX
  • May 31 \ RSL: Strategy Meeting • Vineland, NJ
  • June 8 \ SC Trucking: Annual Meeting • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • June 20 \ Ontario Trucking: Training Meeting • Toronto, ON
  • July 16 \ Denver U: Macro-Eco Training • Norfolk, VA
  • August 15 \ Trinity Logistics: Strategy Meeting • Seaford, DE
  • Sept. 17 \ Nationalease: Customer Meeting • Miami, FL
  • Sept. 18 \ Let’s Truck: CMC Live • Council Bluffs, IA
  • October 2 \ CSCMP: Annual Meeting • Nashville, TN
  • November 12 \ CCJ: Solutions Summit • Phoenix, AZ

Noël’s frequent appearances cover the gamut of industry venues, state and national carrier groups, a wide variety of shipper trade associations, individual company events and investment house conclaves.

A Sampling: Noël Perry’s Appearances